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  • 实况手游索莱尔Iran's defense apparatus non

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    "The country's defensive might is a redline. We will not be holding negotiations in this area under any circumstances, and have said so on repeated occasions," Mahmoud Va'ezi was quoted as saying by Press TV.

    Iran has dismissed the U.S. calls for giving up the tests and negotiation over defensive program.

    TEHRAN, July 17 (Xinhua) -- Iran's defensive power, including its missile program, is non-negotiable, lran's president's chief of staff said on Wednesday.

    U.S. administration has put Iran under sanction pressures partly because of its developing missile program, urging Tehran to quit missile tests.

    On Tuesday, the spokesman for Iran's mission to the United Nations, Ali-Reza Mir-Yousefi, also said that lran's missile program is under no condition negotiable.

    Va'ezi was reacting to recent western media reporters that Iran has announced readiness for talks with U.S. on the country's ballistic missile program.